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Help us to inspire, motivate, and develop young men to become well-prepared for every transition in life.


Become a recurring donor by joining our # it takes 1 initiative!

We challenge you to Join the Distinguished Gentlemen Monthly Giving Program and become an Ambassador that advocates change in your community.


Few Dollars A Month can help in comparison to some common expenses such as:

Fast Food
Music Downloads
Movie Theater

Consider taking these funds and making a recurring donation to help a Distinguished Gentleman become a success in and out of the classroom!

Our Goal is Simple: Build Support Systems, mentors all young men, and be there to ensure that they are successful in ever aspect of life.

Live a life that will impact, influence, and inspire others.
-Co-founder Brandon Roberts Distinguished Gentlemen Leadership Group.


Go Bronze

By donating $5 monthly.


Go Silver

By donating $10 monthly.


Go Gold

By donating $20 monthly.


Go Platinum

By donating $50 monthly.


Go Diamond

By donating $100 monthly.

Through the words that we speak, and the actions we take, a generation of young distinguished men will rise to lead with light, hope, and encouragement, for the betterment of their community and life.